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Who We Are

Racine Neighborhood

At Racine Neighborhood Watch, our mission is clear: to work in partnership with all residents to build safe, friendly,and vibrant neighborhoods throughout the Racine community. With a legacy spanning 40 years, RNW has become an integral and trusted go-to organization when neighbors want to make a commitment to prioritize safety and neighborhood unity, and improve the quality of life in the places we call home. RNW builds bridges of mutual support and respect between law enforcement and communities. We promote cooperation among neighbors, connect residents with community resources, and help them solve neighborhood issues and concerns.

RNW’s activities, programs, and events are designed to help residents develop and maintain safe and desirable neighborhoods in which to live, work, and play. We have an established and deep-rooted communication network built person by person, family by family, and neighborhood by neighborhood. The heart of our organization is the people we serve and the mission we live.



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Our Programs

RNW Crime Prevention Programs

Through collaborative efforts, education, and community engagement, we help to create neighborhoods where residents feel safe and connected by fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. By working together, we ensure that our neighborhoods remain secure, vibrant, and thriving.

What are Crime Prevention Program?

Crime prevention programs are initiatives and strategies designed to prevent and reduce crime. They are proactive approaches that deter criminal activity through community education, awareness, engagement, and cooperation with law enforcement. RNW Neighborhood Watch programs establish effective communication networks among all neighborhood watchers, police, and RNW. Positive neighbor-to-neighbor and neighbor-to-law enforcement relationships promote safety and strengthen a true sense of community.

How Do Neighborhood Watch Programs Start?

Any Neighborhood Watch Program (Block, Apartment, and Business Watch) begins with a call or email to Racine Neighborhood Watch! RNW staff schedules and helps invite neighbors to an organizational meeting. At this gathering, RNW staff, along with law enforcement, present information about personal and neighborhood crime prevention and safety and how and when to report suspicious people and activities to police. The benefits of neighbors collaborating with police and each other are highlighted, and best practices for keeping neighbors engaged, connected, and informed are shared.

Who Can Be Involved?

Each person has a stake in the prevention of crime – children, youth, adults, law enforcement, elected officials, business leaders, and the entire community – and every individual can help. Residents from all backgrounds and Neighborhoods are welcome and invited to participate.

Join the

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Be empowered to take responsibility for your neighborhoods and create safe, friendly and vibrant places to live.

Neighborhood Block Watch

A Neighborhood Block Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime. It relies on the best crime-fighting tool ever created – a good neighbor. It depends on a communication network among all block watchers, law enforcement, and RNW.

Apartment Watch

The Apartment Watch program is like a Neighborhood Block Watch, except the building complex constitutes the “neighborhood” rather than the physical location of homes on a street. It, too, relies on collaboration among tenants, management, law enforcement, and RNW Business Watch.


Business Watch

A Business Watch program educates business owners about safety and proactive crime prevention techniques, strategies, and best practices so they can establish and maintain a safe, friendly, and vibrant business environment. 

Community Meetings

Join our Racine Neighborhood Watch Meetings to build a Safer and Stronger Neighborhood.

COP House Meetings

You are welcome to attend monthly Racine Neighborhood Watch meetings held at seven COP Houses throughout the community. Meetings are an opportunity for community members to collaborate with law enforcement to strengthen neighborhood bonds and enhance safety through open dialogue and proactive initiatives.

Community Meetings

Community meetings are held in response to multiple neighbors' requests for assistance in addressing an uptick in crime in an area larger than a COP House neighborhood or in neighborhoods without a designated COP Officer. Law enforcement, government representatives, other groups and agencies, and RNW staff listen to concerns and, as a group, discuss problem-solving solutions.

Public Meetings

Public meetings are a new addition to RNW's outreach to the community. These gatherings, usually held at City of Racine Community Centers, feature speakers, presentations, and discussions about current and timely crime prevention and safety information.


Take a Taste Out of Crime

Take a Taste Out of Crime,” with an earned reputation as this area’s best after-work social and fundraiser, is a spectacular wine, beer, and Wisconsin cheese tasting event. In addition to a wide array of silent auction and raffle items, the evening includes unlimited hot appetizers and the musical stylings of a local quartet

National Night Out

National Night Out, held the first Tuesday in August, is a community-building campaign that fosters partnerships between the police and residents, promoting crime prevention and neighborhood camaraderie. Over 5,000 local individuals participate in NNO events each year.



Sponsors and Supporters

Donate Today for our Community’s Safety and Security

As an independent nonprofit, we rely on fundraisers, grants, and donations to continue our mission, community support and education opportunities, programming, and events.

Your generous donation ensures that our work remains focused on crime reduction and safety for all residents, including communities of interest, and improving the quality of life for all residents throughout the Racine area.

Photo gallery

Dive into the heart of our community through the Racine Neighborhood Watch Photo Gallery. Experience the moments that define our shared journey—Capturing a shared spirit and unity among neighbors and friends and the vibrancy of their neighborhoods.

News and Updates

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